The products we create

Timber boxes

We craft a beautiful range of handmade timber boxes for wine, hampers and a range of custom boxes. Offering a range of finishes and handles, we create your boxes to suit your project.

Cherry Hill Box Of Cherries
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  • Gourmet Tastes of Australia

    “At Gourmet Tastes of Australia, we have for several years now been using the services of Aussie Wine Boxes & Crates in the manufacture of high volumes of timber hamper boxes for our gift business.

    Under the expert, friendly and efficient management of Rodney & Maree Rohde, we have always enjoyed reliable, prompt and no-fuss deliveries of products in which they obviously take great pride making as we do in presenting the finished hampers to our niche market. ”

    Ross & Lyn Williams
    Gourmet Tastes of Australia

  • Parap Fine Foods

    “We have been getting our gift boxes from Aussie Wine Boxes and Crates for many years now. We have found the bsuiness to be reliable, honest and very accommodating to our business needs and thye always go the extra mile to ensure that service is paramount.”

    Paul Tsounias and Neville Pantazis
    Parap Fine Foods

  • Hawthorn Bay Pty Ltd

    “Since becoming one of our suppliers we have found Aussie Wine Boxes’ quality to be very high and their service absolutely first rate. Moreover Rodney and Maree are such a pleasure to deal with. They are professional and friendly at all times”

    Lloyd and Sandi Fallshaw
    Hawthorn Bay Pty Ltd

  • Cherry Hill Orchards

    “Rodney and Maree at Aussie Wine Boxes have been amazing to work with over the past year, helping us to launch a range of new corporate gift products using their beautifully crafted wooden boxes. The boxes are to a great quality and we've had so many compliments about them from our clients.

    Rodney was able to build the boxes to our specific measurements and made countless prototypes for us to ensure we were happy with the end product. We're looking forward to working with them again this coming cherry season and would highly recommend them.”

    Rachel Chivers
    Marketing Manager at Cherry Hill Orchards

  • Nature's Care Australia

    “Firstly, thanks to Aussie Wine boxes & Crates. When I received the final product, it looks gorgeous, the crate itself is as professional as I could possibly imagine. It feels super solid; the joints are reinforced with nails, and the top slides on and off perfectly smooth.

    The images that we sent over are 100% flawlessly transferred to the side and top of the crate. Our designs were quite complex and the details are transferred to the crate beautifully. The crate also came filled with a straw-like filling that can protect and enhance the appearance of the bottles inside.”

    Cherrie Ho
    Nature's Care Australia

  • The Rosehip Specialists

    “Aussie Wine Boxes helped our business in developing a custom sized box that we could you use for the launch of our new beauty brand “Natura Siberica”

    We found Rodney a pleasure to deal with, his understanding and implementation of our requirements was essential to our launch. He was a great help in branding our logo onto the wooden boxes.

    We would and have use Aussie Wine boxes again and again.”

    Russell Diamond
    General Manager at The Rosehip Specialists

  • Grand Millesime Wine

    “Occasionally we are offered some wine or Muscat that we label under our own name and this, from time to time, requires specially made boxes. I contacted Aussie Wine Boxes and Crates to create boxes to match our wines and their response, production and delivery was quick and easy and they were a pleasure to deal with. I have used them a few times now and they are definitely my go to guys for wooden wine boxes.”

    Asaf Gordon
    Business Development Manager at Grand Millesime Wine